Planning to clean your own windows? These 6 important tips can help you stay safe

Window cleaning can be a dangerous job. Just because you’ve got a tall enough ladder and a head for heights, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do the job safely. Professional window cleaners know how to stay safe and minimise risk while cleaning at height, so for the relatively affordable cost of employing them – it could be worth taking this route instead. After all, you can’t really put a price on your own safety.

If you’re set on cleaning your own windows, here are the 6 essential safety tips you must remember before starting the job:


  1. Check your ladder. According to the Health and Safety Executive, among the most common causes of falls when window cleaning are worn-out, old or poorly maintained ladders. Give yours a test before you start.
  2. Have a medical condition? Don’t get on that ladder. Experts recommend that people with epilepsy, heart conditions, lung problems, alcohol or drug addiction or psychiatric problems avoid using a ladder at any time.
  3. Have another person hold your ladder. An extra pair of hands to steady the ladder can work wonders for improving your safety while working at height.
  4. Be aware of the dangers of overreaching. One of the other most common causes of falling from a ladder, according to the HSE, is overreaching. Stretching to reach that last little spot can cause you to tilt the ladder and potentially fall. Always head back down, move the ladder and climb back up if you want to stay safe.
  5. Make sure you have a handhold. Avoid carrying too much equipment up with you. Keep your hands free to hold onto something by investing in a toolbelt or similar around your waist.
  6. Make sure the ground is even. Only place your ladder on even, flat ground or it could wobble or even tip over. Even a small wobble could be dangerous as it can cause you to panic, which again could mean that you fall off.


If you don’t feel confident or you’d rather leave it to the professionals, call in an expert window cleaner to tackle the job for you.

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